New Passenger Video

So after 40+ years, here’s an official video for “The Passenger.”  Not sure why this is happening now.  Was someone clamoring for an official release?  Do some people keep tabs on which great songs lack official videos?  Who knows, but it’s a great song and the video’s good.

And now for some REAL dancin’

I’m not much of a Joy Division fan, as I can only take so much post-industrial Midlands desolation.  But this one’s pretty good, and Ian Curtis’s stage gestures are interesting to say the least, especially when he really cuts loose at around 3:00.

You bastards might know way more about these guys, so my apologies if what follows is common knowledge.  It’s pretty widely known that Ian Curtis hanged himself of the eve of what would have been their first tour of the U.S.  Beyond that, I’ve picked up a few interesting facts over the years:

-They formed after seeing the Sex Pistols perform in Manchester.  That same gig also inspired the formation of The Buzzcocks and The Smiths.

-Their bass player developed his style of playing in the upper register because when they started out, his amp was so shitty that it wouldn’t reproduce lower notes without sputtering.

-Ian Curtis had epilepsy and based his stage moves on his seizures, to the point that his bandmates could not tell when he was having a real one.  This predictably led to some disatrous gigs.

Gacked On Anger

I’m stressed on tick
I’m stressed on tick
I’m stressed on tick
‘Cause I’m gacked on anger

Separated by a common language, Australian style.

What’s Your Name?!

Another YouTube classic I was reminded of last night.

Best comment: “France and England for 500 years.”


Ennio Morricone, age 91.  One new fact I learned in an obit is that Stanley Kubrick had approached him to compose music for A Clockwork Orange.  EM wanted to work with him but had a prior commitment to Sergio Leone.