You’re F*&^%#g Welcome

In this clip from Elvis Costello’s Spectacle program, Jesse Winchester destroys all vestiges of sarcasm and irony left in the universe. Cry along with Neko Case at this piece of pure unadulterated beauty.


Marie Severin, Marvel Comics artist, dead at 89.

She was probably best known for Not Brand Ecch, a series satirizing Marvel’s (and everybody else’s) heroes, but she also co-created Spider-Woman.


Season 2, episode 3 of The Young Ones, featuring Terry Jones as the drunk vicar and musical guest The Damned. (Original air date May 29, 1984.) For all of MTV’s evils, it did introduce the US to this crazy, offbeat British sitcom. I loved it immediately, and watching it now, I feel like it’s aged pretty well. Alexei Sayle was absolutely the show’s secret weapon.

If I had to pick, “Nasty” is my favorite episode. A horror movie theme and a punk band?


Is Rock Becoming The New Jazz?

It’s an interesting question, although Rick Beato’s rambling and boring video is more a diatribe against artists who don’t allow their videos on YouTube.

I say rock is obviously becoming the new jazz. it’s still valid, of course. (I’m sure y’all have seen the deluge of clickbait articles the last few years announcing rock’s imminent death.) I mean, yes, it had its moment in the spotlight as the dominant form of popular music – a nice, long run – just as jazz did before it. But it’s not going anywhere.

Rock has taken a backseat as niche music now, and I’m okay with that. I’m curious to know what you guys think.