Actual Clockwork Orange Filming Locations

Compared to most of Kubrick’s other films, A Clockwork Orange was down and dirty, shot on the cheap. Here are actual locations and a few other goodies. This YouTuber really does his research.

How do you make a futuristic sci-fi movie without building a bunch of crazy sets? In this episode, we take a look at the real futuristic locations and artwork that Stanley Kubrick used for the production design of 1971’s A Clockwork Orange as well as some of the new technology Kubrick used in shooting and recording sound on-location.

Beat Club Medley

I have no idea what this is, but you cosmopolitan musical snobs and German Fat Elvis can enlighten us.

PG&E, Kinks, Chuck Berry, Mick Taylor-era Stones, surprisingly not terrible Grateful Dead, and Doors without Morrison.

Whiskey Porn

A German or perhaps Scandinavian reviews my favorite Tennessee Whiskey.  I’m posting this because things get funny at around 4:25, when he starts sounding like a 70’s  porn actor getting “serviced.”

Lou & Elvis

Seems like this oughtta be up here. Great cover of ´Femme Fatale´, remedial instruction on ´Sweet Jane´, and more.

RIP, Dave Greenfield

I’ve been meaning to post this for a while, but just now getting around to it.  If you hadn’t heard, COVID-19 recently claimed Dave Greenfield, the keyboardist of The Stranglers, a decent first-wave band overshadowed by the great ones.  To me their work is more interesting than good,  but I give them credit for riding the wave at all.  They were at least different, and very competent musically.  Most importantly, when The Ramones and The Sex Pistols drew the line, these guys stepped on the correct side, unlike most.  I haven’t heard all of them, but my favorite is their overly-long cover of Burt Bacharach’s Walk On By .  Which I guess is another way of saying they needed more hooks.

Best Video Game End Credits Ever

GLaDOS, a supercomputer who becomes increasingly malevolent as the game progresses, sings to you at the end of Portal. Funny and catchy, courtesy of Jonathan Coulton.

The cake is a lie!

Reno 911!

I like this show.

I´m scared of the Quibi, because I´m an old man, but the pandemic has scuttled Quibi´s plans for world domination.