The Roomba that goes Aaaaaaaaahhhhh

This video is unnecessarily long, but also funny as shit. If you have a Roomba, or anything that is self propelled and bumps into things, you need to watch this…

3:29 aaaahhh god fucking damnit!!

6:32 in a Target store… fiddlesticks!

This is technology I can get behind…

Pure Evil

Dimitri Shostakovich wrote this (2nd movement, Symphony #10) as a musical portrait of Stalin, who had harrassed him directly and indirectly throughout his career.  This is pure malevolence, published after Stalin was safely dead.  While Uncle Joe was alive, DS was mostly confined to putting out government approved, “socalist realist” garbage, while keeping much of his “real” work private.  Occasionally he could put one over on the Soviets and follow the letter of their requirements while mocking them.  One cool thing is that in the finale of this same symphony, he has a theme based on his initials, DSCH, vie for dominance against the Stalin theme from this movement.  DSCH wins.  Artistic revenge at its finest.  “He who laughs last, laughs longest.”

The conductor seems a little too into his hair, and I’m not sure why he appears to be grinning during this grim business.    But you’ve gotta give him credit, his musicians are playing the hell out of this.  He made his reputation whipping these young Venezuelans into a respectable unit.  He’s since gone on to greener pastures in LA.

Mott Returns

One of the great live bands of all time back in action last week in Boston.   I’ve sampled through this a bit:  at around 1 hr. 6min. there’s a good version of Jerkin’ Crocus that segues into a red-hot One of the Boys.  U.S. leg of this tour, their first in 45 years, wrapped up last week with no dates in the south.  Sad.  They were huge in Memphis before almost anywhere else.  But I get it, times have changed.

Sweet Tooth

I’d forgotten all about this song; it popped up on my YouTube home page.  It must have gotten some decent airplay in the day, or I wouldn’t likely have heard it.  It wasn’t as big as Little Willy, Ballroom Blitz, FOTR or LILO, but it might be as good as any of them.  Although it gets a little busy in places, it has a great hook in the chorus.  Verses are strong as well.  I’m wondering if John Lydon got his Anarchy in the U.K. snigger from the opening.

Home Sweet Home

You’ve all probably heard this, but you may not have seen this genuinely creepy video.

I’ve been here five hours, made six bad decisions …
I’ve been kicked out of Sweden, I’ve been busted in Spain
And New York I don’t care to discuss
But the things that I find fit to do in this town
Would turn my poor mammy to dust

Pretty much. The soul of this town was created early on by riverboat workers and whores. It can be repressed here and there, but it’s always lurking somewhere. You can hear it in everything from Sun rockabilly to Big Star 3rd.

If You Hate the Dead…

The Grateful Dead’s Legacy of Awful Music

A good summary of the anti-Dead perspective.

On a personal note:  back in the 80’s I found myself in a short,  ill-advised relationship with a neo-hippie chick.  Because I will listen to anything once, I allowed myself to be subjected to a fair cross-section of their live and studio recordings.  What I heard was not one, but TWO drummers who couldn’t keep time (where else but in 60’s San Francisco could two such creatures be found?), a bass player who aimlessly noodles when he should be anchoring the song, meandering guitar solos (see article for a good description of those), silly-sounding harmonies, and songs that were either watered down country–country without the requisite redneck element–or jazz without the requisite improvisational talent.  In short, to my ears, they couldn’t play, sing, or write.  Other than that, great band.

And while it’s true that I was prejudiced because I hate jam bands, it’s also true that I at least respect ones who can play.  I never liked the Allman Bros., but I’m forced to admit their musicianship was top-notch.  Hell, Duane Allman even worked as a session guy in Muscle Shoals.  I believe Jerry Garcia would have been laughed out of the room.