Let It Be

This should be inneresting:

Peter Jackson has signed on to direct a second archive project: a film edited from the full 55 hours of footage of the Beatles’ Let It Be recording sessions.

Jackson will somehow produce a 65 hr documentary. Apparently the original version is getting a scrub and re-release to coincide.

Some Sweetener For That Bitter, Bitter Medicine

I was amused and happy to see one of our brothers begin to embrace his inner melodramatic twit by posting a couple of great tunes by the Smiths. Here’s a video of my favorite Smiths’ song, but with lead vocals by Neil Finn instead of Moz. Johnny Marr is in fine mettle. Enjoy. (P.S.- this also begs the question: is there any band that Neil Finn can’t step into and make his own?)

Swim and Sleep (Like a Shark)

This is one of the singles off of Unknown Mortal Orchestra’s 2013 album, II. Something made me think of it the other day, so here you go. The video is both hilarious and poignant, in my humble opinion.