Temperature Timeline

XKCD is great fun. I enjoyed this for the historical perspective, and had no idea that Boston and New York were iced over as recently as 20,000 years ago.

Also: if this pandemic doesn’t get us, liquefied Antarctica surely will.
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Music History: Top Singles, Each Decade

Great twitter thread. I’ve included a few hits.

ARCHIE HENDERSON (@jazzemu_) I am a music historian, and with I have researched the best-selling single of every decade all the way back to 14,000 BC:

Project Magenta

Co-creating with AI. Fascinating stuff.

New technologies have fundamentally changed the way we make and experience music. In this session Claire Evans, artist, author and one half of the pop duo YACHT talks about deep learning as a tool in their creative process. Their new album explores Google AI’s research project, Magenta, an open-source music-making package using machine learning models.

I Thought I’d Seen It All

Check out “Twink” miming with The Pretty Things for a bewildered French TV audience.Β  Ever heard of Twink?Β  I hadn’t, so I poked around on Google.Β  Nicknamed after a British hair product, Twink was a mime, drummer, close friend of Syd Barrett, and general scenester of the London psychedelic underground.Β  He played drums with an early version of T. Rex, with Syd Barret occasionally, on one Pretty Things album, and with the Pink Fairies.Β  In the early 70’s, he was in Hawkwind with Lemmy.Β  His band The Rings were on the ground floor of the London punk scene in ’77.Β  Some refer to their lone single, “I Wanna be Free” as England’s first punk record.Β  It’s not very good compared to what was about to come from the Damned, Sex Pistols, Buzzcocks, Clash, and Jam.

What led me to this video was my fondness for The Pretty Things,Β  a very good British r&b band who never made any headway in the U.S.Β  Their guitarist, Dick Taylor, had been in an early version of the Stones.Β  Like the Stones, their forays into psychedelia were not always memorable, as you can hear above.Β  Β You can hear them at their best here andΒ here.Β  Their raucous version ofΒ Roadrunner is my favorite cover of that song.