Hooray for Algorithms

Anyone heard this Icelandic trio, Samaris?  They just popped up on my YouTube home screen yesterday.  Great synth player, and the clarinetist reminds me of Andy McKay’s oboe and sax playing on some early Roxy Music songs.  Nerdgasmic fact:  clarinet melody very close to one by Finnish composer Jean Sibelius.  She must have picked it up in youth orchestra.  Anyway, if you don’t like the music, I think we can all agree that the singer is uber-hot.

Below is a more recent KEXP broadcast that I’ve only watched a bit of.  I’m curious to see if they can stay interesting for half an hour.

Project Magenta

Co-creating with AI. Fascinating stuff.

New technologies have fundamentally changed the way we make and experience music. In this session Claire Evans, artist, author and one half of the pop duo YACHT talks about deep learning as a tool in their creative process. Their new album explores Google AI’s research project, Magenta, an open-source music-making package using machine learning models.