Who Moved Stonehenge?

”Archaeologists believe they may have discovered the true origins of the ancient Stonehenge monument after unearthing evidence some of the materials may have served a previous purpose elsewhere.
Experts have long worked at the site to find out more about why and how the ancient wonder was built – with some of the volcanic bluestones used in the structure being brought 160 miles to the site from their point of origin in Wales.Now researchers have uncovered signs the smaller bluestones originally formed an even older, long-lost monument in the Preseli Hills in Pembrokeshire, Wales.During filming for the BBC documentary Stonehenge: The Lost Circle Revealed, a team led by Professor Mike Parker Pearson uncovered signs the stones had been left in the western Welsh moorlands.
Professor Alice Roberts said the archaeologists “were always up against it”, adding: “they had a terrible time. They’ve been doing this for about 10 years.
“They looked in lots of different places and didn’t find anything. They were almost on the brink of giving up and then they looked at this particular place called Waun Mawn.”
“They decided that they were going to dig anyway and just see if they can find anything, and they found these ghosts of stone holes,” Prof Roberts said. “And they were exactly the same diameter as the outer circle at Stonehenge.”
Archaeologists used 3D scanning techniques, traditional field archaeology, and laboratory analysis to discover when and where the stones for Stonehenge were quarried and where they first stood.
But while the question of where the stones came from may have been answered, why they were transported to England may remain a mystery for now.
Prof Roberts said: “Of course there are questions about why these stones would have been brought from West Wales to Salisbury Plain … but ultimately it’s pre-history and we don’t know.”


Dammit, Nigel.

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New Liz Phair!

And she’s not trying to be a popstar anymore, so it’s good!

Calling Reed out for being an asshole reminded of this hilariously passive-aggressive 1974 press conference in the Sydney airport.

Enjoy or don’t!

57 Years Ago Today

The Beatles made their first appearance on The Ed Sullivan Show as 73 million Americans watched, still one of the largest viewing audiences ever.

Sandinista Turns 40

Self-indulgent mess?  Misunderstood masterpiece?  I usually have an opinion on matters musical, but it’s now been forty years and I’m still not sure what to make of this album.  Which may be the point.  Or not.


I know you bastards aren’t necessarily gamers, but I’m sharing this because it’s pretty goddamned impressive. This guy or gal is playing The Last Of Us 2 on the hardest setting (with no reticle) and takes no damage.

Never mind that, the game’s gorgeous, the story’s engaging and the controls are like butter. Watching this makes me want to play it again …

My New Favorite Song

The French version of The Lollipops’ “Busy Signal,” performed by Gillian Hills, as heard on The Queen’s Gambit, thanks to my Netflix subscription, which is paid automatically every month by the good people at American Express. Happy Friday, bastards!