From The Breeders 2018 album All Nerve, of which I was completely unaware. Good stuff! Video directed by Richard Ayoade.

By the way, this album was recorded with the reunited lineup that includes Jim MacPherson and Josephine Wiggs.

Multitalented Moze

I think Makerbot suggested we do MORRISSEY MONDAY and I’m here for it.

The above passage won the prestigious Bad Sex in Fiction award in 2015. From Morrissey’s debut novel List of the Lost, which I’m sure we’ve all read.

You’re welcome.

Long in the Tooth

I have zero desire to watch the same film over. The nostalgiafication of Star Wars was nauseating.


Maurizio Pollini, age 82.  Probably the most technically perfect of the major pianists who began their careers in the 60’s.  He studied under the obsessively perfect nutcase, Aurturo Benedetti Michelangeli.  Some considered him (and his teacher’s) playing too cerebral and cold, as if they were showing contempt for the music they were playing by playing it so perfectly.  I disagree.