A.V. Undercover Is Back!

And so is GWAR. They’ve done Undercover eight times now, which must be a record. Below is my favorite AVU performance of theirs, Kansas’s “Carry On My Wayward Son.”

A.V. Undercover archives are up now too. Right here.

I’m In x 2

These both look excellent. August 16 for Alien: Romulus and July 26 for Deadpool & Wolverine. Word on the street is that D&W is going to get Disney and Marvel back on track. Not even sure I want that, but it looks fun.


Don’t tell Mrs. Makerbot but I just bought one of these. Great basses for not much dough, plus free shipping, no tax (still scratching my head on that one), and a bag. Hopefully QC wasn’t asleep at the wheel when mine was produced.

And if you know anybody looking for a gently used Mexican Fender Jazz bass, holla. It’s gorgeous, but too many knobs for this moron, and heavy. Plus, I could never get the action like I wanted.