A few years ago, a Canadian musician slowed down a few Chipmunks songs to 16 RPM, and it’s kind of awesome. The singing is pretty good, and at that speed, it’s all gothy and moody. Like you have anything better to do today.

0:00 Call Me
6:12 Walk Like An Egyptian
13:00 Heaven Is A Place On Earth
20:58 Diamond Dolls
27:17 You Keep Me Hanging On
35:28 My Sharona
43:25 Always On My Mind
50:13 Refugee


Françoise Hardy has hopped the twig, aged 80.

I Am Magneto! You Are Nothing

As indicated in the YouTube comments, this arcade game was MASSIVE in the early 90’s. Fun game, but really fun when other players jumped in to help you fight. On the big two monitor machines it was a six-player maximum, so all the X-Men could battle their way to final boss Magneto. (Whom I never reached.) Impressive this guy did it by himself.

If nothing else, just watch the intro.

Something Fishy

Turns out Endless Shrimp was more than a lousy idea; there may have been shrimp-supply chicanery involved.  But the attraction here is Patrick Boyle, who gets the comedy of business like no one else.