Don’t tell Mrs. Makerbot but I just bought one of these. Great basses for not much dough, plus free shipping, no tax (still scratching my head on that one), and a bag. Hopefully QC wasn’t asleep at the wheel when mine was produced.

And if you know anybody looking for a gently used Mexican Fender Jazz bass, holla. It’s gorgeous, but too many knobs for this moron, and heavy. Plus, I could never get the action like I wanted.

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  1. My favorite guitar (for you bassists, that’s a six-stringed instrument played by posers) is a Takamine G240 that probably cost $200. I have a much, much more expensive Breedlove, that doesn’t grab me in quite the same way.

    Can you generally predict how great a bass will be? I’m impressed with how acoustic guitars are hard for me to judge until I’ve had it for a few months.

    1. I’m anticipating ease of playability; most reviews claim this one is like buttah. My all-time favorite bass is my Music Man Stingray, practically plays itself. But if it got stolen at a show, I’d be out about $4k replacing it. (And let’s face it, a new bass probably isn’t as nice as one from the late Nineties.) And while I like my Fender Mustang, I’ve been missing the fight you get with larger basses. Yes, I know that sort of contradicts what I just said. What do you expect from a bassist?

      The last time I owned a red P-bass was 30 years ago …

  2. I’ve never been able to predict how a bass or a guitar will play. You learn which models you like best, but there can be qc variances in new ones. Used ones naturally will vary far more. I’ve always figured out very quickly if I liked one.

    At some point pretty soon after I started gigging, I figured out that for me the perfect bass would have the unsurpassed feel and action of a Rickenbacker and have that unique Rick timbre and sustain but with the option to thunder like a P bass when needed. Forget it. The current 4003’s get closer to that ideal than the 4001’s of my youth, but that’s probably the best we’ll get.

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