I Am Magneto! You Are Nothing

As indicated in the YouTube comments, this arcade game was MASSIVE in the early 90’s. Fun game, but really fun when other players jumped in to help you fight. On the big two monitor machines it was a six-player maximum, so all the X-Men could battle their way to final boss Magneto. (Whom I never reached.) Impressive this guy did it by himself.

If nothing else, just watch the intro.

Something Fishy

Turns out Endless Shrimp was more than a lousy idea; there may have been shrimp-supply chicanery involved.  But the attraction here is Patrick Boyle, who gets the comedy of business like no one else.

More Cowbell!

I wanted to submit this for today’s Music League round (songs about drinking), but it’s not on Spotify.  This one may surprise you.  Atypical for PH, as it was written by their guitarist instead of one of their two keyboardists.  He began asserting himself more in the later albums of his tenure with the band, sometimes for better, sometimes not.  The one thing he should never have done is sing.