Fran├žoise Hardy has hopped the twig, aged 80.

I Am Magneto! You Are Nothing

As indicated in the YouTube comments, this arcade game was MASSIVE in the early 90’s. Fun game, but really fun when other players jumped in to help you fight. On the big two monitor machines it was a six-player maximum, so all the X-Men could battle their way to final boss Magneto. (Whom I never reached.) Impressive this guy did it by himself.

If nothing else, just watch the intro.

Yes, Please

Saw this years ago on a shitty Blockbuster VHS tape, looking forward to seeing it cleaned up. Coming to Disney+ on May 8th, you filthy bastards.


1950’s Super Panavision 70 style made with #midjourney #elevenlabs and #runwayai and edited in Premiere. Script by Chat GPT.

So This Is Cool

Learned this past weekend on a trip visiting my 81-year-old aunt that my grandmother’s cousin (my first cousin, twice removed) was a songwriter in California. And that I’m named for him, by way of my dad. (Fucked up spelling and all.) Here’s one of his tunes that Bing Crosby recorded.

And here’s another that could be fun to work up as a rocker.