Don’t tell Mrs. Makerbot but I just bought one of these. Great basses for not much dough, plus free shipping, no tax (still scratching my head on that one), and a bag. Hopefully QC wasn’t asleep at the wheel when mine was produced.

And if you know anybody looking for a gently used Mexican Fender Jazz bass, holla. It’s gorgeous, but too many knobs for this moron, and heavy. Plus, I could never get the action like I wanted.


Wonder if this will be covered in the new biopics?

How Paul McCartney’s bass was found: the history of his Hofner Bass 500/1. For years we thought his first Hofner bass was stolen in 1969 but only recently we learned the truth and in this video we’ll cover how Paul got the bass, what it was stolen, and how it was found.

I’m A Sucker For These Beatles Stems

This rhythm section kicked major ass, and Mr. McCartney was obviously paying close attention to James Jamerson by Rubber Soul.

Best YouTube comment:

The craziest part about Paul’s basslines is that, at least on Rubber Soul and before, he was playing and singing this LIVE with no monitors.


I’ve been enjoying this archive of Pelo magazines going back to the 70s. There are a lot of cool photos I’ve never seen anywhere, and a lot of the issues will have links to posters that came with the issues which are fabulous. Tempted to print a couple of them.

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Interesting RickenBACKer History

Really interesting documentary but I would really like to have AI edit out the guy’s soul patch. Also, I didn’t know it was pronounced that way. I’ve never had the pleasure of playing a Rick guitar or bass, but I believe at least one bastard owned a bass for awhile.


Tommy’s latest incarnation is his Cowboys in the Campfire outfit with longtime touring partner Chip Roberts. I for one am looking forward to it as he is my spiritual leader. Vinyl I don’t need pre-order!