Wonder if this will be covered in the new biopics?

How Paul McCartney’s bass was found: the history of his Hofner Bass 500/1. For years we thought his first Hofner bass was stolen in 1969 but only recently we learned the truth and in this video we’ll cover how Paul got the bass, what it was stolen, and how it was found.

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  1. Rarely has a label so perfectly matched a post.

    I’m troubled: at about 6:40 in the video, it’s mentioned that McCartney KNEW of the equipment theft in 1972.
    So when McCartney asked the Hofner marketing manager where the bass might be (4:15 in video) shouldn’t the FIRST THING he said be something like “here’s a big hint: it was stolen from a truck in 1972 but I decided not to press charges” ?

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