I’ve been enjoying this archive of Pelo magazines going back to the 70s. There are a lot of cool photos I’ve never seen anywhere, and a lot of the issues will have links to posters that came with the issues which are fabulous. Tempted to print a couple of them.

Sadly, no articles about Big Star, the Scruffs or the Subteens, and it’s generally pretty prog-oriented when not covering Argentinian artists, but I did come across a cool NY Punk article that calls Lou Reed the Old Tyrant. Ha ha.

Apparently, according to the Pulp Librarian on Twitter (a good follow – and I won’t call it by it’s new name), one of the principals of magazine (editor) also edited Mad Magazine Argentina, which I guess is why there is a great Mad ad every issue, but for which he was also jailed briefly in the 1970s and exiled to France upon release.

Oh yeah, it’s all in Spanish.

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