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  1. Sorry, nothing interesting to add. Fanny was the first all-female band I remember hearing about. I suppose I read about them in Creem or Circus. I don’t remember actually hearing them. I didn’t know they covered Hey Bulldog.

    I don’t think people took female rock bands seriously back then. Suzi Quatro was in magazines a lot, but mostly because she was hot. A friend of mine had a big poster of her on his wall, but not one record. I doubt if either of us ever heard her. Bass nerds were impressed because she used a Les Paul Studio Bass. Those things were heavy as hell, so she had some core strength for sure.

    The Runaways were another one you heard a lot about but never heard.

  2. I was like “Wait! We already covered this in Songs My Renfield Taught Me

    … but I was thinking of Birtha from that wonderful Soda Pop Festival.

    It’s hard to educate me but I’m trying. I’m pleased to say I could distinguish Fanny from The Shaggs.
    *pats self on back*

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