The Once And Future King?

John Byrne is my all-time favorite comic artist, going waaay back to his original run on The Uncanny X-Men beginning with issue 108 in December, 1977. Here’s some potentially big news as reported by Newsarama

John Byrne has stated that Marvel has reached out to him about new work – which, if it happens, would be his first for the publisher since 2000.

During a spotlight panel at Fan Expo Boston 2018, Byrne revealed it as part of explaining how his self-published continuation of his Uncanny X-Men run, called X-Men: Elsewhen.

“There was some discussion on my website: ‘What if you went back to Marvel?’ and it planted this itch in my brain. I thought, what if I went back to Marvel? Could I go back to Marvel? Can I do that? I haven’t drawn like that in 20 years,” Byrne said (as transcribed by Adventures in Poor Taste).

Byrne has drawn over 20 pages of X-Men: Elsewhen, classifying it as a fun side project he doesn’t intend to publish. Be that as it may, it got the attention ot Marvel’s Editor-In-Chief C.B. Cebulski.

“And then I got an email from C.B. Cebulski saying, ‘Love it! Let’s talk about this!’ Oh, that’s unexpected,” continued Byrne. “So yeah, it just happened as a fun thing. It’s still just a fun thing as far as I’m concerned.”

Confess, My Love, Or Die By Inches

Not sure what I love best about this cover, the Nazi’s helmet and tank top ensemble, the mummified corpses of previous victims stood up like trophies around the torture chamber, or the damsel’s totally indifferent facial expression.