More Scott Walker

I’m pretty sure this was the Walker Brothers’ biggest US hit, maybe their only one.  Catchy chorus.  I heard this quite a bit growing up.

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  1. The American version of Scott 3 did not include “30 Century Man”.
    Is it just a rule that American releases of British albums/books/whatever must leave out the best stuff?

  2. Yes. It’s to keep you on the hook in case there’s a second release.

    In pre-streaming days, it was almost impossible to get all the songs you wanted from an artist in a managable format. The Kinks were especially a nightmare. In the 70’s-90’s, you just got whatever compilations were available. Getting all the songs you loved meant also owning a thousand copies of Well Respsected Man (which I love, but didn’t want 1000 copies of). Then came the era of big CD box-set releases, where you could get all you wanted, but at great expense and with hundreds of alternate takes that you might not want. Streaming has been a godsend in that regard–assuming the song you want is availabe, which is not always the case. Also, streaming sucks for the artists, of course. Can’t have it all in this life.

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