Hey, Free Piano!

Free piano (you pick it up). Lester circa 1966. Lutz area. Not possessed or haunted in any way. Tuned less than 24 months ago; played by human hands ~6 minutes since. Not a player piano — does not play by itself. Comes with bench. Has wheels. Please take this out of my home.

Maybe not….Actual ad here.

All In The Fingers

What happened to “aw shucks” country-boy virtuosi like these guys, Glen Campbell, and Roy Clark?  Are they still out there?  Are they all just session guys since no one like them could lauch a solo career in Nashville these days?  But would there even be sessions for such players?  I hear nothing in current country music that would require this level of musicianship.

Don’t try any of this at home.

The Real Thing

I promise I’m not trying to turn this into a highbrow blog.  Since I posted about an imposter earlier this week, I might as well post about the real deal.  Probably the best female pianist ever, and better than a huge majority of males.  And without a doubt the prettiest.  Still as good as ever at age 79.


Google has clearly marked me as a lush, as this popped up in my YouTube feed this a.m.  I posted this guy’s video on overrated bourbons a while ago, so here’s the flipside.  I haven’t tried everything he recommends, but he’s spot on for the one’s I’ve had.