Born Fighter

Not his greatest song, but it has one of the funniest first verses I’ve ever heard and a Dave Edmunds solo (2:00) that curls what’s left of my hair.  When I searched YouTube for this song, I ran across a ’79 documentary of the same name.  Here is a clip where Lowe and Edmunds talk a bit about Phil Spector, then work on takes of that same solo.  I haven’t watched past where the solo recording ends at 15:00, so I don’t know if the rest is worth watching.  Nick Lowe seems rather, um, “relaxed.”

The Makes Nice

In ancient times when colossi bestrode the earth and people downloaded instead of streamed, I downloaded a couple of albums by this band.  I have no idea who they are/were or any recollection of where I heard about them, but they’re pretty good.  Here’s a good Who rip-off, and here’s another one like the one above.  More songs on YouTube if you’re so inclined, some may be better.  It looks like they only made two albums.

Just Don’t Dance

It can’t be New Year’s without seeing someone make an ass of himself.  Who’s better at that than Mike Love?  This begins as a funny/sad skit, but the real comedy begins at  2:27 with 70’s footage of Love trying to preen and prance around like Mick Jagger. He also apparently hit a Goodwill dumpster trying to copy Mick’s look.  Jesus.

People who shouldn’t dance (I’m one) should know better by the time they reach adulthood.  The most blessed of us never really wanted to anyway.  I get that singers feel awkward just standing there.  Fine, but if they can’t dance, give them a prop guitar.  I’m guessing the other Beach Boys preferred letting him make a fool of himself to arguing with an asshole.

Hey, Free Piano!

Free piano (you pick it up). Lester circa 1966. Lutz area. Not possessed or haunted in any way. Tuned less than 24 months ago; played by human hands ~6 minutes since. Not a player piano — does not play by itself. Comes with bench. Has wheels. Please take this out of my home.

Maybe not….Actual ad here.

All In The Fingers

What happened to “aw shucks” country-boy virtuosi like these guys, Glen Campbell, and Roy Clark?  Are they still out there?  Are they all just session guys since no one like them could lauch a solo career in Nashville these days?  But would there even be sessions for such players?  I hear nothing in current country music that would require this level of musicianship.

Don’t try any of this at home.