10 Replies to “Howdy All! Welcome to 1966”

  1. Welcome!

    These guys were YEARS ahead of their time, but couldn’t they have been called The Monks without the fucked up haircuts? I can’t imagine walking around like that all the time.

  2. That was a good series. If I could get AI to edit out the host’s fucking inhale laugh it would be a lot better.

  3. Thanks for this! The only Monks song I knew was “Complication,” as it’s on the Nuggets set. Fascinating stuff. I wasn’t familiar with the podcast series either. Very informative, although the hosts really got on my nerves at first. I felt like they needed sedation. And that laugh. But I got used to them eventually.

    1. I’m so used the guy on there (from another podcast) that I’ve long since gotten used to his laugh. Glad you liked it. They do their research.

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