Let this be a lesson to you early adopters.

Samsung’s futuristic Galaxy Fold is launching this month, and the device has already made its way to a select group of reviewers and influencers. During the run-up to the device’s launch, there were concerns about the durability of the folding display, and now after just a few days with the public, the device is already experiencing problems. There are numerous reports of Samsung’s $2,000 device breaking after a single day, sometimes due to poor durability, other times due to user error.

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Sweet Tooth

I’d forgotten all about this song; it popped up on my YouTube home page.  It must have gotten some decent airplay in the day, or I wouldn’t likely have heard it.  It wasn’t as big as Little Willy, Ballroom Blitz, FOTR or LILO, but it might be as good as any of them.  Although it gets a little busy in places, it has a great hook in the chorus.  Verses are strong as well.  I’m wondering if John Lydon got his Anarchy in the U.K. snigger from the opening.