This works.

If you ever buy used records, you’ve learned that however clean they looked in the store, they sometimes skip or have a little scratch as loud as a gunshot, usually on your favorite song.  I’ve used this fix at least five times, and it worked every time, both on skips and loud scratches that run across grooves.  (If the scratch runs with the groove, you’re pretty much fucked, as the gentleman in the video points out. ) Using a toothpick is a brililant solution. It can get into a groove just enough to smooth out the edges, but it’s not sharp enough to go deep into the groove and ruin the record.  I guess you could ruin it if you pushed hard enough, but gentle pressure fixes the problem.

Scooby Truth

James Austin Johnson is a comedian and actor from Tennessee. After coming up on the evangelical Christian comedy circuit, he moved to L.A. to try to make it in the mainstream.

”Whenever I ramble in that Trump voice, I’m hoping to just sort of subtly illustrate, like, this guy just has no idea what he’s talking about. He just talks out of his ass and he’s pure Americana. He is confidence without substance. He gives voice to that angry confidence and he doesn’t have to be right. So, you know, whether or not my takes about Scooby Doo are correct or not, that’s besides the point.”