Scooby Truth

James Austin Johnson is a comedian and actor from Tennessee. After coming up on the evangelical Christian comedy circuit, he moved to L.A. to try to make it in the mainstream.

”Whenever I ramble in that Trump voice, I’m hoping to just sort of subtly illustrate, like, this guy just has no idea what he’s talking about. He just talks out of his ass and he’s pure Americana. He is confidence without substance. He gives voice to that angry confidence and he doesn’t have to be right. So, you know, whether or not my takes about Scooby Doo are correct or not, that’s besides the point.”

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  1. He’s got a point. I don’t remember Scooby doing anything beyond freaking out.

    There’s an evangelical Christian comedy circuit?

  2. Apparently so.

    ”I come from a super conservative Christian background and up until pretty recently was still involved with that world, and now I’m not. I cover a lot of those kinds of subjects in my standup.”

    His breakdown of the voice is great:

    ”It was almost like a comedy duty to hone in on Trump. If you see some of my videos from 2015, it’s a terrible impression, but I really just had five years of being stuck in LA traffic and hearing his voice on, on NPR, just trying it out until I found the contours of his voice.
    ”He has a lot of shit in his throat. So it was about boosting sort of the distortion in my throat and cranking up the, um, ambient kind of gross throat noise. There’s like a hissy breathy croak in his throat. Also he has just totally blown out the top half of his head, like kind of his entire upper respiratory system with cocaine and crushed up the British Sudafed and everything all the time and, uh, screaming at 21-year-olds to take off their clothes and everything he does all day. So he’s sort of trashed his nose and his throat. So I try to close off certain nasal passages.
    ”And he’s old. That’s the main thing I focus on, is that this is a rasping old man who is inches from death at any moment. He’s dying. He’s inches from death and Billy Crystal has come out with the bellows from the Princess Bride and they pumped him full of steroids and give him a big shot in his ass, and he’s hanging on for dear life every moment of the day.”

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