Holy Sheep Shit, Look At All Those Guitars

I think I’ve stumbled onto my new favorite YouTube channel, Norman’s Rare Guitars. This offering is a 1969 Gibson EB-3L bass in Heritage Cherry finish.

(Insert drooling emoji here.)

5 Replies to “Holy Sheep Shit, Look At All Those Guitars”

  1. My first bass was a ’68 cherry EB-3 that I bought used in ’74 or ’75. Was like the one in the video except shorter neck scale and solid headstock. Replaced it with a blonde ’73 Rick 4001 a few years later. I could probably retire on what those two basses sell for now. I could also type for an hour about instruments various friends and bandmates bought and sold that now change hands for small fortunes. No one had any idea about the future insanity of vintage guitar prices. Older Les Pauls and pre-CBS Fenders were sought after, but you could still find deals. In the mid-70’s, a friend of mine bought an early 60’s Jazzmaster for $80. They were out of vogue; no one wanted one until Elvis Costello came on the scene.

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