Aerial View of Сhernobyl Exclusion Zone, Ukraine

Just what your Monday needs!

Abandoned cities, which were humming with life in the past, enchant with their specific romance and the mesmerizing power of time! Welcome the Chernobyl Exclusion Zone from a bird’s eye view! Watch the spectacle of an urban apocalypse and the nature revival accompanied by dramatic ambient music and the soft patter of rain. The cities of Chernobyl and Pripyat look lost in the woods and get more and more absorbed by nature, which is rapidly dominating the hand-made creations that have fallen out of use. The overcast weather and stunning scarlet sunset give the scenic drone footage a special flavor.

One Reply to “Aerial View of Сhernobyl Exclusion Zone, Ukraine”

  1. Three hours and thirty-five minutes of this outstanding production is not nearly enough to soothe my inner demons.

    But thank you.

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