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  1. Where did you watch them?

    Growing up, I never saw a Stooges film. They weren’t played as reruns or features on TV or anywhere as near as I could tell. I had a vague sense of who they were – probably from clips on a talk show or something – but never got exposed.
    A bit like the Marx Brothers. I kinda knew who they were, but never got to see them.

    1. We had a local UHF channel that showed them every afternoon. Same channel that ran Twilight Zone episodes at night!

  2. Pure genius. I saw them on TV quite a bit growing up, I think on Saturday afternoons. I’m a decade or so ahead, so Makerbot will give you a more relevant answer. I also saw them in theaters before main features during matinees. Sometime in the late 70’s I started hearing people say that they were “too violent,” so perhaps your local stations censored them.

  3. I have no doubt laughed at Curly more than any other person on the planet. I absolutely adored the Stooges growing up. It seemed like they were on TV almost everyday for most of my childhood, usually in the afternoons. You’d always be a little disappointed when it was a Shemp or Curly Joe episode. I’ll always have a soft spot for Larry.

    1. Yes! I had no idea until this video that Shemp was the original third Stooge, or that he came back after Curly had a stroke.

      But I think we can all agree that Curly Joe SUCKED.

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