Bassists Get The Job Done

This comically inept singer looks like a coked-up CPA trying to channel Screaming Lord Sutch.  He rivals Mike Love in creepiness.  If real, I’m guessing this was an open mic thing.

And all of you who ever played in a band can ‘fess up: you either struck or wanted to strike whoever did most of the singing with a guitar, bass, mic stand, cymbal stand, floor tom, etc.  Or said, “go ahead and grab the mic” when you knew it wasn’t grounded.

And if you did most of the singing, you probably deserved it.

The Subways

Not sure how I missed these guys.

You all need to look in the mirror and ask yourselves if you’re providing me sufficient exposure to all the good bands I need.


Tommy’s latest incarnation is his Cowboys in the Campfire outfit with longtime touring partner Chip Roberts. I for one am looking forward to it as he is my spiritual leader. Vinyl I don’t need pre-order!