6 Replies to “Freese Is A Monster”

  1. That’s fine beat bopping and what have you, but I’ve never understood why foo needs to be fought. Can’t we just let foo be?

  2. Man, he plays with everybody. It’s pretty obvious why. I don’t think they’re actively fighting Foo anymore, but just remembering a time when we all did.

  3. Powerful and accurate drumming for sure.

    As for foo, I’ll confess that for the first decade or so of their existence, I thought they were the Food Fighters. First time I noticed their real name in print, I thought it was a typo. Then I saw it again and thought “what the fuck’s a ‘Foo’?” Whatever. Not the first time a band name rang hollow for me. I only played in two bands and hated the names of both of them. They’d both been named before I came on board.

  4. Surprised I never heard that. My dad was in the Army Air Core (the predecessor of the Air Force) during WWII, so my childhood was steeped in that stuff, especially while living in Germany.

  5. There was a controversy when the first Foo Fighters record (all Grohl playing everything if I remember correctly) was released and it had what was clearly a toy ray gun on the cover, which everyone assumed was referencing Cobain as opposed to the Foos he was fighting. Stupid people. And that record was fucking great. I wore it out.

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