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  1. I like bookstores so much that this made me nostalgic for walking the streets of NYC and encountering them. And then (deep into my psychopathology here) I decided that their demise was probably mostly my fault, for using Amazon.

    I couldn’t remember what my first orders were. I figured that they were probably all books, and I maybe started using the service in the mid-oughts.

    Nope! 1999 and a lot of CD’s. But also some books. It was funny to look at the personal archive.

    That was a bit of a tangent. Your show looks damn funny.

    1. You got me curious, so I looked up my Amazon order history. First ever purchase was September 20, 1998. Followed closely by Steve Martin’s Pure Drivel, Hornby’s High Fidelity, and Jon Stewart’s Naked Pictures of Famous People.

      It was the best of times, it was the blurst of times.

      1. I came late to the “let’s-help send-Jeff-to-space-with-his-Stetson” party. My first order was in 2005. I ordered Otto Klemperer’s 1960’s Beethoven symphony cycle (he’s one of my top two Beethoven symphony guys, except for in the 7th). Of course I no longer have it, because it was superseded by the bigger, better Otto Klemperer Beethoven box, which contains his ’50’s mono recordings, some of which are better than the 60’s stereo remakes. Record companies, despite all their short-sighted, self-defeating bungling, have been very good at one thing: selling you the same stuff more than once.

        Fun fact: Otto Klemperer’s son was Werner Klemperer, who played Col. Klink on Hogan’s Heroes.

        The convenience of Amazon is great, but it will never match finding a book or record/CD in a real store.

  2. Yes! All those early aughts British sitcoms are hilarious. IT Crowd, Father Ted, the original Office, all worth a look.

  3. The British Office rules.

    My first purchase was The Men Who Killed Kennedy on VHS. June 1, 1999.
    Funny to see, as my general take on conspiracies is that people are way too inept and vain to pull one off properly.

  4. Speaking of incompetent conspiracies, you might get a laugh from the first couple of episodes (all I’ve seen) of White House Plumbers, a comedy series about the Watergate break-ins. The humor derives from G. Gordon Liddy and E. Howard Hunt just being the idiots they were. It’s hard to tell how long they can sustain the humor; I suspect the series will wear thin at some point.

  5. Looking forward to this. Also a huge IT Crowd and British Office fan. Fun fact, I cancelled my Amazon Prime account because I couldn’t get any help when I accidentally sent the Wanna Meet the Scruffs LP I ordered with gift certificate money to the wrong address. That’ll show ’em.

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