4 Replies to “Anybody Remember This?”

  1. I don’t remember it as I’m pretty sure I never saw it. Sometimes I wonder where you guys watched all this stuff.

    I was familiar with Cruel Shoes and “Be Courteous Kind and Forgiving” but was not allowed to watch SNL.

    Mr. Martin’s ever-expanding tele-oeuvre rocks: Only Murders in the Building, and of course, Gavin Volure.

  2. I missed that one. There were a couple of specials when he was hot as a comic, but they were on too late for me.

    1. I probably wasn’t supposed to be up either, but I got away with a lot when my dad was entertained by what was on.

  3. I missed that one, but somehow most of the other swimmers at a pool I frequent have arranged that I always get the slow lane. Dirty bastards with their frictionalized particles…

    Here’s one of my favorite SM appearances on Letterman. The title sort of gives it away. When it aired, it was a bit more effective because you had no idea what the gag would be, you just knew something was coming.

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