AI Images Are Getting Better

The prompt for this was “Panicked dental patient receiving a new crown in an office full of dentists in the style of Norman Rockwell” using Bing AI Image Creater.

And here’s “Jesus admiring a quantum computer on the moon in the style of Norman Rockwell.”

I give you “Man lifting weights with Jesus in the gym in the style of Norman Rockwell.” By the way, JESUDS SHEDUS is my new stage name.

And finally, “Jesus laughing and drinking a beer with friends in a bar in the style of Norman Rockwell.”

3 Replies to “AI Images Are Getting Better”

  1. That’s some special beer: they’ve all taken only one or two sips, and they’re already tipsy. Jesus clearly zapped those Buds into triple IPA’s. Amen.

    From pub to weightroom to gridiron, Jesus can help.

      1. Yeah, Jesus surrounded himself with sycophants for sure. I’d say Makerbot is going to hell for these images, but Jesus is nice and white, so I’m sure it’s ok.

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