Fun facts:

His mother, single and working multiple jobs, invented Liquid Paper in her kitchen blender and made a fortune.

Contra his “quiet Monkee” persona, he had a temper.  When Don Kirshner told them he’d sue the Monkees for breach of contract for wanting more artistic control, Nesmith punched a hole in the wall, telling Kirshner it could have been his face.  He’d grown to think Kirshner was an idiot, especially after DK refused to let the Monkees record his song, “Different Drum,” which afterward became a huge hit for Linda Ronstadt.  (If you ever watched Don Kirshner’s Rock Concert back in the 70’s, he really did sound like an idiot.)

Post Monkees, one of his media companies was defrauded by PBS.  He won in court, and afterward said, “it’s like catching your grandmother stealing your stereo.  You’re glad to get your stereo back, but you’re sad to find out that Grandma’s a thief.”

Happy Birthday To Me?

I’ve never liked this song, but today I HATE it.  At least the Sgt. Pepper album allowed the convenience of skipping this song and George’s Indian drone. You could just flip to Side 2 and start at “Lovely Rita”–not a great one, but I’ve always sorta liked it.

R.I.P. Chawlie

You’ve all heard, but there has to be a shrine here.  There was nothing quite like the Stones firing on all cylinders.  The Faces tried, but couldn’t entirely replicate it.  Some of that mojo came from Charlie.  As much a musician as a drummer, I’d pick him over thousands who might be technically better.