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  1. The Kray brothers story and the linked blog post on Spanish Tony have me staring down the precipice of a huge rabbit hole. Tempting, but that one could trap me far too long.

    The seamier side of Epstein and the Beatles was covered quite a bit in Peter Brown’s early 80’s book, which of course I devoured at the time. Good salacious, National Enquirer type fun.

  2. If you haven’t yet, read the linked blog post alleging to quote a deleted chapter from Spanish Tony’s book. It’s a shady account (where did the blogger get this?) of a shady source (Spanish Tony), but who can resist the idea of Yoko planted to ensnare John as a means of getting the Beatles into the power of the mob? Needs to be movie.

    Again, the lodetsar of sleazy Beatles gossip is this. Those misguided souls who worship the Beatles as people were shocked and offended by it, which for me was its highest recommendation. Sure, there’s probably truth-stretching and score settling here and there, but who cares? Good dirty fun.

    1. But back to Gary Brooker, I can’t help but love a guy who’d sing the word “whilst” and play a celeste on a rock album.

      Here’s another one from the same album. I’ve always been impressed with the recorded sound during the guitar solos; you can really hear the room. I read somewhere that they were trying to channel The Band on that one, as many bands were at that time, even supposedly the Beatles. Their lyricist picked “Kansas” becuase it sounded like a typical Band piece of Americana.

      Huge range of material on that album, their second best in my opinion. Their best album was their first.

        1. At their best, they’re great. Hard to assess overall due to the range of material. Brilliant innovators or bloated and pretentious prog? Yes and yes. But sometimes they were just a good rock band. Their drummer, BJ Wilson, was such a beast that Jimmy Page, before finding John Bonham, wanted to nick him for his new band. You can hear why on “The Devil Came From Kansas” linked above. As I recall, there wasn’t much memorable music after first five albums. But then I haven’t heard those later albums since they came out, so…

      1. Dang it, I knew Peter Brown’s book sounded familiar! Read it one summer when I was in college. Here’s the original hardback cover I remember …

        I will be reading it again, however. Eventually.

  3. For some reason a couple of Lennon remarks from that book have stuck with me. Peter Brown writes that when Brian Epstein was trying to think of a title for his memoir, JL said “why don’t you call it “Queer Jew?” Epstein eventually settled on the title A Cellar Full of Noise, referring to the Cavern Club. JL began callling it “A Cellar Full of Boys.” Jeez.

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