Ha Ha Ha… Nope.

I still need to finish Queen’s Gambit, but after this trailer I’m thinking of cancelling Netflix.

Space Junk

My sister sent me the above photo from near her home on Thursday night. Much as I was excited to learn that one ton objects burn up in the atmosphere every week, I’ve never seen one, so I’m jealous.

The culprit:   SpaceX’s Falcon 9 From Outer Space.

Here’s some good footage:

Content Farm

Disney pays like $15 million per half-hour Mandalorian episode, so it’s no problem to get all these actors back for new shows. More is better, right?

All Of This

Star Wars Films, Ranked By Me
1. Empire
1a. Star Wars
[order doesn’t matter. I can’t quit either of them, and will always get sucked in if they’re on, they’re magnificent]
2. American Graffiti
3. Darth Maul Fight Scene / musical score
4. Star Wars Holiday Special
all others – maddening, hard pass, the seeds of decline were those damn Ewoks
5. Honorable Mention: Timothy Zahn’s Heir to the Empire books were pretty great