5 Replies to “Please Don’t Suck”

  1. … which has now been awarded the “best show on television” label.

    It was NOT that when I watched Season 1.
    Do I have to power-binge five seasons now?
    If only someone had repeatedly told me that it was really good and keeps getting better.

  2. SAUL is SO GOOD!!!!! I can’t decide if I’m going to watch the last episodes one at a time, or wait till they’re finished so I can gobble them all up at once. I may go back and start from the beginning.

    1. Decisions, decisions. We’re almost done re-watching The Sopranos, then we’re starting over with Breaking Bad, then Better Call Saul.

      I recently read an article making the claim that BCS is way better than BB because Gilligan saw how much Matthew Weiner (tee hee) and company were doing with character-driven drama over at Mad Men and ran with it.

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