Westy Bootsy

‘Member cassettes? ‘Member when Westerberg was touring and had a great band and Makerbot hadn’t slipped into dementia? Me either, but here’s a cassette only boot proving the first two parts were real.

In the Musicarioum

Jac Mac And Rad Boy Go!

Any of you bastards remember this from Night Flight?

Interestingly, Wes Archer was one of the original three animators (along with David Silverman and Bill Kopp) on The Simpsons, Tracey Ullman shorts, and subsequently directed a number of The Simpsons episodes. He’s also directed episodes of King of the Hill, Futurama, The Goode Family, Bob’s Burgers, Allen Gregory, Rick & Morty, and Disenchantment.

There’s a great article about Archer and his cult classic (which my place of business chooses to block, because of course it does) right over here.