Dave Davies On Jonesy’s Jukebox

A few dull stretches, but fascinating musical discussions beginning at around 11:00 and 21:00.  Dave interestingly links his power-chording to the Ventures, while Jonesy ‘fesses up to lifting the riff to “Sub-Mission” from “All Day and All of the Night.”

5 Replies to “Dave Davies On Jonesy’s Jukebox”

  1. Yeah, try playing “You Really Got Me” with full bar chords. Your hand will give out midway. And, it will sound really stupid with all those extra notes.

  2. I’ve tried to figure out Till the End of the Day about a thousand times. Also, Dave looks remarkably good for having had a stroke and everyone thought he was dead a few years ago. I saw him play a solo show at the San Diego fair 5 or so years ago. He was in fine form. I also saw Ray solo once and he was great. Wish they would do another tour.

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