Majestic Sloppiness

Here are the Stones at Hyde Park in 1969 playing a cover of “I’m Yours and I’m Hers” that is horrendously sloppy, just barely in tune . . . and completely badass.  The Replacements may have been the only other band with the attitude and panache to be simultaneously so bad and so great.

Some background:  this was their first show in two years due to drug busts and Brain Jones’s decline, and their first gig with a 20 year-old Mick Taylor.  They had kicked out Brian Jones a month previously, and sadly, he died two days before this gig.  Jagger begins by reading a portion of Shelley’s “Adonais”  in his honor. They opened with “I’m Yours and I’m Hers” because it was one of Brain’s favorites.  Music begins at about 3:00.