They Still Make Data-Bank Watches!

I almost want to be single again, just so I can ask a woman for her phone number and watch her expression as I enter it into my data-bank/calculator watch.

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  1. Sadly, I did not, which is why I yearn to relive my bachelorhood armed with one. $28 is cheap, but I hear divorces cost much more.

  2. I never had one of those, but I really did want one. Watches were such a big deal back then, but I don’t think people wear them much anymore. I did have this one watch the you could play a knock off version of Space Invaders. This shit was fire.

  3. That Space Invaders watch sounds like the shit.

    For some reason I never really wanted a data-bank watch back in the day. I’d just wear a cheap analog Timex until I lost or broke it, then on to the next one. Never wore a digital watch until about ten years ago, when one of my sons came down with Benign Rolandic Epilepsy, and I needed something on hand to time his seizures. He outgrew the condition, but the nerdiness of messing with digital watch functions grew on me.

    I suppose it’s true that fewer people wear watches. The time is everywhere, so even a highly functional one like that Casio is pretty much just jewelry. But I’m surprised at how many teenagers I see wearing them. And I still depend on mine out of habit. I could be in a room with 20 clocks on all four walls, but without a watch I’d be stupidly gaping at my wrist trying to see the time.

    1. I can’t quit ’em either. In fact, I just got a new one for Xmas. I’ve always wanted a James Bond Rolex Submariner, but even if I had $7,500 to burn, I couldn’t do it. So I found the next best thing, a $135 Seiko Sea Urchin. Specifically designed to be an homage, and best of all, it’s automatic.

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