Ennio Morricone, age 91.  One new fact I learned in an obit is that Stanley Kubrick had approached him to compose music for A Clockwork Orange.  EM wanted to work with him but had a prior commitment to Sergio Leone.

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  1. He sounds like Alec Guinness discussing Star Wars:

    Asked by The Guardian in 2006 why “A Fistful of Dollars” had made such an impact, he said: “I don’t know. It’s the worst film Leone made and the worst score I did.”

  2. Haha, you think?

    Also, as much as he composed, it probably annoyed him to be known mostly for a few scores written many years ago.

  3. Great tribute in the NYT by another composer on how fantastic Morricone is.

    ”For me, his work stands with Bach, Mozart, Debussy, Ellington and Stravinsky in achieving that rare fusion of heart and mind.”

  4. Interesing tribute, thanks for posting. I haven’t heard enough Morricone to rate him that highly, but that makes me want to listen to more.

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