7 Replies to “There’s A Bathroom On The Right”

  1. A fair point.

    Until two years ago, I’m 46, I belted out, ”I wanna rock and roll all night, and part of every day.”

  2. I used to get lyrics wrong all the time, but I can’t remember any as funny as that.

    Dave Barry once held a survey to determine the worst song of all time. He received 10,000+ responses, and gave the results in a series of columns that became the basis of a short book (Dave Barry’s Book of Bad Songs, which I highly recommend). Anyway, some responders got song titles wrong. My favorite was “Ain’t No Woman Like the One-Eyed Gott” (for the Four Tops’ “Aint No Woman Like the One I’ve Got”).

  3. So if it’s not “wrapped up like a douche,” what the hell is it?

    I remember asking my mom what a douche was after the song played during a car ride, and she feigned ignorance.

  4. I think Bruce’s original says “cut loose like a deuce.” I also initiallly thought Manfred Mann’s version said “wrapped up like a douche,” but at some point I thought it must be “revved up like a deuce,” with “deuce” being a car as in the Beach Boys’ “Little Deuce Coupe.” But who fucking knows? The song doesn’t make any damn sense either way. It used to annoy me that I was thinking about it at all.

  5. I spent plenty of time mis-singing these lyrics in my head in the 70’s. I kind of knew that they were wrong, but back in the day, you just had to deal:

    – no Spotify or Youtube: I only heard it on a.m. Top 40 radio, and didn’t have the album or single
    – had no friends who knew what the lyrics were, or had ever heard of Springsteen
    – no internet, no Siri: couldn’t search “one-eyed Gott” or “douche coupe”

    I guess what I’m saying is I walked uphill in the snow five miles both ways to Lyrics School.

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