Razzle In My Pocket

This hilarious encounter between a young London ragamuffin and a moralizing shopowner sort of comes off like 1970’s Charles Dickens .  Still cracks me up after 40+ years.

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  1. If you’ve got your softcore Razzle SURELY you don’t need the heavy stuff.

    ‘Please, sir,’ replied Oliver, ‘I want some more.’

    The master aimed a blow at Oliver’s head with the ladle; pinioned him in his arm; and shrieked aloud for the beadle.

    The board were sitting in solemn conclave, when Mr Bumble rushed into the room in great excitement, and addressing the gentleman in the high chair, said,

    ‘Mr Limbkins, I beg your pardon, sir! Oliver Twist has asked for more!’

    There was a general start. Horror was depicted on every countenance.

    ‘For MORE!’ said Mr Limbkins. ‘Compose yourself, Bumble, and answer me distinctly. Do I understand that he asked for more, after he had eaten the supper allotted by the dietary?’

  2. I love almost everything I’ve heard from Stiff Records’ heyday. Not all great, but never boring.

    By the way, Stiff Records had the best slogan ever …

    If it ain’t Stiff, it ain’t worth a fuck!

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