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  1. The best part is when he gets nostalgic for Aliens.
    ´´That was a good movie. I miss that film.´´

    I saw Prometheus and the subsequent Aliens thing and don´t remember them all that well. Mostly that the payoff in Prometheus was just awful. Also, Prometheus came out in 2012, along with Dark Knight Rises. I definitely recall thinking at the end of that year that Skyfall was a billion times better than both of those.

    This pop cultural corner is also occupied by the How Did This Get Made podcast, and the fantastic Pitch Meeting videos. I probably need to check out one or two of the podcasts like ¨Howling II: Your Sister Is A Werewolf¨ or ¨Van Helsing” or ¨Sharknado 3.¨

    Also realized I never looked to see if there was a Pitch Meeting for Last Skywalker. There was, and it was fantastic. I think I´ll post it now.

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