The Polls Are Open …

… tomorrow for Fat Bear Week! Meet the bears here and vote.
“747” is a behemoth.

These are Kodiak bears – large brown bears that live in Alaska – chowing down for upcoming hibernation. I’m fascinated with the physiology of hibernation, and frequently read about bears. Kodiaks are humongous, but on average not quite as big as polar bears.
And who wins in a fight: A polar bear or grizzly bear?

I was impressed with the number of idiots who have no knowledge at all happy to weigh in on the subject. A polar bear will always win because it’s so much larger, and only eats meat, they tell us authoritatively.
And then, lo, an actual expert with experience:

8 Replies to “The Polls Are Open …”

  1. “I was impressed with the number of idiots who have no knowledge at all happy to weigh in on the subject.”

    The Year of Our Lord 2020

  2. And does anyone have a clue why Memphis’ NBA team is called the Grizzlies? There are many big, scary things here, but the only bears are at the zoo.

  3. Believe it or not, that was an innocent question. Makerbot can attest that regarding sports, my ignorance and apathy are bottomless. Now that you mention it though, I do remember that the franchise moved here from elsewhere. And upon thinking it over, I can see why they didn’t change the name to match Memphis. This area isn’t really known for impressively fierce animals that fire the imagination. Cottonmouths and copperheads are about the meanest fauna I can think of, but snakes would make odd mascots. You can’t really name a team after musicians, BBQ, or prostitutes. There was the Chickasaw tribe, but that trend has become unfashionable (anyway, our minor league baseball team was once called the Chicks, an unimpressive name). So Grizz it is.

    1. Back when The Grizzlies were headed our way, the owners briefly considered a name change. The Flyer ran a contest for suggestions.

      Knowing our city’s long history with pro sports franchises who didn’t stick around long , I suggested The Memphis Temps.

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