7 Replies to “More Old Grey Whistle Test”

  1. Almost six years ago to the day I was standing this close to that exact costume at the Bowie exhibit in Chicago.

    Great song! Thanks, you glam-loving bastard.

  2. Thanks for posting, that’s my favorite song from Hunky Dory. The Spiders were a great band, just perfect for this music. Way underrated.

    For what it’s worth (probably not much for anyone besides me), here’s some silent super-8 footage from the first Bowie show I saw. You can’t see much of anything until about a minute in, and much of it looks like the cameraman was handling his recorder for the first time. But I love seeing it anyway.

    1. Too cool! I’ll bet he blew some minds that night.

      Also, that’s kind of a sweet moment at 3:42 when Bowie playfully pats Ronno’s chin for “Wham, bam, thank you ma’am!”

  3. Can’t speak for anyone else, but my fourteen-year-old mind was certainly blown. I’d been listening to Ziggy and Hunky Dory regularly for a few months prior, so I loved it.

    When I first saw the Bowie/Jagger video, I laughed harder than I had in the previous decade. Note that it has gotten far more views than the original video. Rock stars really should go into exile for the decade after they peak. That period never works out well for them.

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