Another Punk Documentary

Do you need another?  Of course you do.  According to the comments, this is the final installment of  a multi-episode BBC documentary made in the 90’s.  Earlier episodes dealt with the Stooges, Velvets, et al.  Anyone seen the others or know if they’re available somewhere?  Makerbot?

Last ten minutes have good footage of Sex Pistols US tour.

The reggae segment seems a bit long considering the number of punk bands omitted.  And some of the omissions are glaring.  Talking Heads, but no Johnny Thunders?  That’s just weird, as L.A.M.F.  is one of the very best records to come out of the NYC scene, and more punk than TH.  But this is still worth watching.

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  1. Much appreciated, Renfield!

    It fills in a few gaps for this ignoramicon, and as I work with a Jamaican, provided good conversation fodder.

    Great vintage video, and the audio glitches only made it seem more genuine to me.

    – Ramones “sick bubblegum” aesthetic & heavy Lon Gisland accents
    – McLaren’s “Loves Hates” list
    – Patti Smith footage
    – reggae -> police/pretenders/costello montage

    I often find myself wishing “what if Johnny Rotten were well-adjusted and reasonable now, like Alice Cooper?”

  2. A well-adjusted Johnny Rotten. . . ever seen that old Twilight Zone where an astronaut lands on an alternate earth where everything appears the same as our earth but slightly different in disturbing ways? That’s where I’d put a sane JR.

    “Sick bubble-gum” might be the greatest description of the Ramones I’ve ever heard.

    It’s great to see interviews with Johathan Richman, Tom Verlaine and Lenny Kaye. They often get passed over in such documentaries.

  3. What a joy it must have been for Lydon and McLaren to work together. Two headstrong, highly opinionated narcissists. What could’ve gone wrong?

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