Before We Was We

Although never the greatest Madness fan, I’m quite enjoying this first episode of their documentary series. See what you think. Or don’t.

It’s legitimately free on YouTube.

Watch ‘Before We Was We’ episode 1 for free here on BT’s YouTube Channel, subscribe to BT TV to watch all three episodes. Don’t miss this three-part original docuseries chronicling the rise of one of the biggest and most loved bands in British culture, Madness.

Each 60-minute episode is an enthralling slice of music history, featuring original footage and interviews with band members past and present including Chris Foreman, Mike “Barso” Barson, Lee “Thommo” Thompson, Graham “Suggs” McPherson, Daniel “Woody” Woodgate, Mark “Bedders” Bedford, Carl “Chas Smash” Smyth, regaling stories from their 40-year career together as Madness.

Episode One: Oh What Fun We Had!

Opening on the very foreign world of North London in the late ‘60s, we discover each member’s uniquely chaotic upbringing at home and school, from their early teen years existing on the fringes of society to meeting each other and forming a band (of sorts). Suggs comes on board after observing a back-garden gig with a ropey singer, thinking he can do a lot better.

3 Replies to “Before We Was We”

  1. Not much of a Madness fan either, or of ska in general (I just don’t get it), but I’m a sucker for documentaries about bands. I read a review about this the other day, and have added it to my You Tube watch later list…

  2. Same here, in that whenever I see “ska core” on Bandcamp tags I get ready to move on to the next artist. Pretty sure I’ve never heard of Madness.
    Music Snob Executive Washroom privileges: REVOKED

    My fondness for ska-djacent bands like The Clash does make me feel a bit guilty.

    And now that youtube says I can’t see it, I have to see it.

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