Made of Stone

Wow this was good.

Also: I can make more sense of Oasis.

I never quite got the Oasis fervor. But now it just seems to me like England was craving Stone Roses to become the band they were destined to be… and then for various stupid record label and other reasons, they didnĀ“t become that band. There was sort of a Manchester rock awesomeness vacuum, and whatever their redeeming features are, Oasis walked into it at the right time.

Viva Stone Roses, and Reni – what a drummer!

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  1. Streaming somewhere or rental? I fell madly in love with their first album in college.

    I never really got into Oasis, but I read every interview for the insults and self-deprecation. Possibly my favorite was when Noel described Jack White as looking like Zorro on donuts.

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