I Never Really Thought About It

But this is why Luke turns off his targeting computer in Star Wars.

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  1. I never took the exhaust port gambit as anti-technology so much as “technology may only take you so far.” The targeting computer can get you in the ballpark, but it still takes something special to hit the two meter hexagon.

    It’s funny when people need to impose meaning and themes all over everything. Someone asked Tolkien if LOTR was allegory, and if he was making a grand statement against technology.
    “It’s just a story,” he said.

    The guy’s points about the sound editing are spot on.

    1. I was surprised to learn that Marcia Lucas was the secret sauce for Star Wars, Empire Strikes Back, and Return of the Jedi. Hell, she won an Oscar for Best Film Editing on Star Wars, along with Richard Chew and Paul Hirsch.

      Wikipedia says

      She was tasked to edit the Battle of Yavin sequence, in which she drastically diverted from the originally scripted shot sequence. George estimated that “it took her eight weeks to cut that battle. It was extremely complex, and we had 40,000 feet of dialogue footage of pilots saying this and that. And she had to cull through all that, and put in all the fighting as well.” While editing the sequence, she warned George: “If the audience doesn’t cheer when Han Solo comes in at the last second in the Millennium Falcon to help Luke when he’s being chased by Darth Vader, the picture doesn’t work.”

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