The Business Of R.E.M.

I listened to a podcast today with R.E.M. bassist Mike Mills and the band’s attorney Bertis Downs. The discussed some of the business aspects of running a massively popular band, but they also shared a lot of interesting stories about the band’s early days, behind the scenes operations, and even an anecdote about playing Losing My Religion around a cauldron in the forests of Paraguay.

This band is one of my all time favorites, and introduced me to the world of music not played on the radio, and they played a major role in changing my view of the world. So, suffice it to say that I was tuned in to every single word of every story.

So this came to be because some business man type finance investment person in Atlanta is best buddies with Downs, and the band. He runs a podcast that appears to be about investing, but thought it would be a good idea to share a behind the scenes look at the business operations required to run a band like this.

So check this out, it’s really interesting…

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  1. I’m struggling with why a webcast isn’t a podcast, but that’s my own personal problem.

    This is great. Mills has always seemed like a cool, thoughtful guy. And I like the no-drama band who make great music without throwing burning vomit couches out hotel windows, berating the rhythm guitarist who is 0.00034 seconds late on the middle eight, showing up halfway through rehearsal on an entirely new drug combination heretofore not experienced by the human species, and/or refusing to make any decisions without consulting the nutritionist/astrologer/life coach.

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