Faith No More Covers Burt Bacharach

And holy shit, they crush it (“This Guy’s in Love with You”).

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  1. They do crush it instrumentally, but the vocal’s a bit overly emotive for me, especially when he goes up an octave in the chorus. I prefer Herb Alpert’s laid-back, loungy original, where he sounds like he’s holding a highball in one hand and his trumpet in the other. If memory serves, this was Herb’s first #1 single as well as his first vocal recording.

    The first few times I heard this song (must have been 8 or 9 years old), I thought the refrain was “sailors in love.” That did not compute, as the sailors were “in love with this guy.” Such unspeakable business remained unspoken in the sheltered Renfield household.

    Here is probably the worst cover of that song. AJ Marshall was a washed up, C-list vaudeville-type singer who made this album of “hip” 60’s covers. A friend of mine found it in a Goodwill and bought it for the absurd cover. Many laughs. The low point is his cover of Gary Puckett’s “Young Girl.” The original was creepy enough, but this old geezer makes you want to call the police.

    At least he didn’t cover Puckett’s even cringier “This Girl Is A Woman Now.” Gary clearly had a Lolita complex.

  2. Nice. Mike Patton apparently has the vocal range of a piano, so he always has to show it off. I remember them doing a fun cover of ‘Easy’ back in the day that had the same vibe.

    Renfield, I wonder why they turned off the comments on those AJ Marshall videos.

  3. I heard they just cancelled a bunch of tour dates so Mike Patton could get his mental health sorted out. And, yes, his vocal range is, ahem, epic…

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